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On this site I will show you step by step how to download, create and burn your own vcd to be played in your dvd player.
Tools needed:
-a p2p file sharing program
-virtual dub
-tmpeg encoder
-nero burning rom
Links to software below:

Step 1- download a xvid avi file, usually about 700mb, highspeed connection is a must
Step 2- open virtual dub and go to file and open avi file
Step 3- go to the video tab and select direct stream
Step 4- go to audio tab and select direct stream
Step 5- go to file select save wav, remember where you saved it,
Step 6- open Tmpeg encoder, and open video source(your avi)
and under audio select the wav you extracted from Virtual dub
Step 7- select the load tab (bottom right) and load vcd template, I use Vcd ntsc template, at 29.970 frames
Step 8- press encode, depending on your cpu speed encoding times vary from 4-8 hours,
Step- 9- open up Nero buring Rom and select vcd, and load your completed file you encoded,
If you have errors in your movie when viewing click on the pic below to go to Vcdhelp and search for the error in the forum, or e-mail me below and I will help you.

click above


click on reel above to get the encoder

Go to Divx Digest to get software